Born 1992 in Bonn (GER), is a Self-taught multimedia artist, he started his artistic career in early 2017, since then he has created a lot of paintings objects and has implanted many projects and collaborations with other artists.

His artistic development has increased constantly over the past years, and he came  across a bunch of artistic fields, he investigates the artistic fields of Sculpturing, Performance Art, Painting, Graffiti, Street art and digital Art.

By working in so many fields his style and its recognition value has been increased constantly. He investigates processes of transience in urban space and associated painting techniques.

His works therefore often combine colorful spray-paint and lacquer accents with strong outlines and the use of intuitive forms and shapes.


The artist is following a zero waste policy, a huge amount of the material he is working with are found objects or things that got thrown away.


Original paintings and objects made by FamFarouche getting another perspective through digital distortion. Using a unique and personalized program to distort his original works, the artist is creating another meta-level and giving new perspectives and meaning to his artwork.


Post-graffiti analysis of a one-of-a-kind material composed of multiple layers of paint and painted on legal walls by a large number of people doing graf.

The material itself is created through constant painting on legal Graffiti Hall of Fames and contains the work of hundreds of anonymous artists.

The goal of Project Graffeology is to provide a fresh perspective on those hundreds of layers of paint. During the process of creation and working with that material, many powerful compositions have been created.